Maximum Yield Technology (MYT®) as an innovative process for the treatment and recycling of household waste is also attracting great interest internationally.
MYT BU GmbH works together with cooperation partners to promote this technology worldwide.

For French speaking regions, the promotion of MYT technology is ensured by our partner OPTYMA SAS (Seclin, France).

In China and Thailand we cooperate with WEHRLE Umwelt GmbH from Emmendingen, Germany and with WELLE Environmental Group Co., Ltd. Changzhou, China.

In other Asian countries we cooperate with WELLE Environmental Group Co., Ltd. Changzhou, China and its subsidiary EUWELLE Environmental Technology GmbH, Emmendingen, Germany.

For some selected countries, e.g. USA, Canada, LoI's have been signed with EUWELLE Environmental Technology GmbH. In these countries EUWELLE Environmental Technology GmbH is represented by Innowacon LLC.