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MYT Business Unit GmbH

The MYT Business Unit GmbH (short: MYT BU GmbH) was founded on 14 September 2010 and registered in the commercial register on 14 October 2010. The sole shareholder is the Zweckverband Abfallbehandlung Kahlenberg (ZAK) in Ringsheim.

MYT BU GmbH promotes worldwide the use of the processes developed by ZAK for the treatment, recycling and disposal of waste, including all existing rights, industrial property rights and know-how.

It is active within the framework and for the purpose of fulfilling the tasks of waste disposal assigned to ZAK and the provision as well as further development of the technology necessary for this and thus pursues public purposes in the sense of the Gemeindeordnung Baden-Württemberg and the statutes of the ZAK.

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